"Work and Play School is a model early childhood program for children and teachers."

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement, parent satisfaction and support of family life is essential to Work & Play School's program. 






We believe the children's center forms a "new neighborhood" for parents and children in which to interact and grow. We actively work to involve families in our program.
  • The center's open-door policy welcomes and encouraged parents to call or visit at any time.
  • A parents' resource board is available where parents can find articles and other helpful materials on parenting, child development, and health and nutrition.
  • Parenting seminars and special events.
  • Conferences will be held with parent at least once a year or whenever necessary.
  • Parents are urged to call the school at any time to arrange additional conferences or discuss by phone any questions or problems they may have in relation to their child or child's development.
  • An annual Parent Survey allows parents to rate and comment on all aspects of the program.
  • Parents are encouraged to provide daily program feedback to teachers.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly formal and informal communication takes place through vehicles such as morning and afternoon greeting, classroom bulletin boards, parent bulletin board, center calendars, newsletters and conferences.
  • Parents are invited to attend field day activities with their children.
  • Parents are invited to come in and share special activity, project, hobby, talent or play a musical instrument.
  • Parents are welcome to volunteer to assist teachers or help with projects or handyman jobs.


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