"Work and Play School is a model early childhood program for children and teachers."

Social Skills Program

When children graduate from Work & Play School and enter public school, they will have the academic knowledge and experiences they need to enter the system. 






Most importantly they will be prepared socially to cope with the stresses that accompany new school and peer relations. It is our goal that these communication skills are instilled in our students so that it becomes their natural method of communicating. Each September, Work & Play School's curriculum offers children a variety of creative materials to teach about feeling and communication skills. Some of these materials include puppets, games, songs and books, feeling words and puzzles. They are taught reflective listening and "I" messages. The emphasis on social skills and appropriate communication skills continues throughout the year. Also, information is sent home to parents to inform them about the methods of using reflective listening and "I" messages. It is our hope that parents will use these methods of communication at home and provide consistency between home and school. 




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