"Work and Play School is a model early childhood program for children and teachers."








"Work and Play School is a model early childhood program for children and teachers. The training that our Manchester Community College students receive at Work and Play School is excellent. I am grateful to the staff at Work and Play School for sharing their expertise in early childhood education with our college students and with children and families."

- Beth Reichert - Coordinator, Early Childhood Education Program
Manchester Community College

"Work and Play Nursery School and Day Care Center is a program that I recommend for my early childhood education students to observe. The quality of the teaching practice, the child centered creative curriculum and commitment to children and their families is what I want my students to experience on their visits. Betsy DeWolfe and her staff are excellent role models for my students who are pursuing a profession in early care and education. I have also placed student teachers at Work and Play Nursery School because they are teaching in a program that values, appreciates and understands the development of young children."

- Polly C. Parker M.S Ed. - Associate Professor and Program Coordinator
Asnuntuck Community College

"I feel that Work and Play School is a phenomenal program. I would have no qualms about sending a child of mine to this program. From different things I've heard and seen about different programs I think I would be hard pressed to find another program with such quality. At the risk of sounding sappy, you really can't put a price on the quality of this program."

- Sarah Lewis - Early Childhood Education student/observer
Asnuntuck Community College

"It is probably a good thing that this information comes in a letter instead of in person.  If you ask me in person what it is I like about Work & Play School you will open up six years of positive experiences that I could relay to you all day long. Each of my three children has spent his nursery school and pre-school years at Work & Play.These experiences have translated themselves into our lives and will remain with us forever."

"The most overriding lesson my children have taken away from the school is the way they respond to others, acknowledge their own reactions to others and fit that into their relationships as a whole.  We learned early on the importance of ďit makes me feel ____ when you ______Ē. It allowed our children to express the frustrations of childhood in terms they could understand, it showed them that their reactions to anotherís immediate actions could be separated from their feelings for that person in general, it helped us as parents define the emotions our children were experiencing, and, quite frankly, made our communication within the family as a whole, more productive. I am sad to say there are many adults who have not accomplished this level of positive communication, but at Work & Play, it is not just a lesson-it is the way you learn to live."

"It is not just the children who learn to communicate this way. Every teacher at Work & Play School embodies the spirit of the lesson. I have NEVER noticed even a glimpse of tension between the teachers here. They express themselves with each other and parents in just the same way that they teach the children.  And their engagement with the children is constant. You will never find a teacher not tending to the needs of your child whether that is one-on-one or stepping back to allow the children to negotiate their new friendships."

"(**If all of this seems too perfect to believe, let me say this-there is no place in our lives that is perfect.  There will always be an issue to address or resolve.  In the six years we have been with Work & Play I have made a few special requests in the way things are handled with my child.  It is the open, well-defined communication style here that allows open, non-threatening resolutions to differences of opinion and need.**)"

"One of my sons had behavior issues that I believe would have left him labeled a problem elsewhere. He was very impulsive and excitable. He needed structure beyond the rest of his group. The staff at Work & Play School worked with him, and my reactions to him, for all of his two years there.  The most important part of this process was communication. I spoke with one or more teachers every time my son was in school. We reviewed his activities for the day, his successes and his challenges. The ability of the school to fall back and regroup at a momentís notice as a result of their observations truly impressed me. They respected my input as a parent and put that together with their program. The results in terms of my sonís behavior now speak loudly to the praise I heap on Work & Play School the ability that they have to nurture the needs of the individual within the framework of group learning is a stepping stone any child will jump from successfully."

"Mix a positive environment, clear and consistent communication, the process of learning from the world around the child and dedicated, loving teachers-there is Work & Play School in a nutshell. It truly is a wonderful place to start any child on the path to successful learning and life skills."

 - Linda Kehoe, Parent


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