"Work and Play School is a model early childhood program for children and teachers."

Center Based Learning

The children are allowed to freely explore and discover learning centers set up in the classrooms. Our curriculum is based on the Creative Curriculum by Diane Trister Dodge and Laura J. Colker. 






The following learning centers are set up and change throughout the year as children develop and grow. The materials must be rotated and changed to foster growth and development. A large part of our morning schedule allows for free activity time.
  • Block Center
  • Dramatic Play Center
  • Quiet Area/Library
  • Science Center
  • Manipulative Center
  • Language Arts/Writing Center
  • Art Center
  • Rice/Water Table
  • Music/Creative Movement
  • Outdoor Play

All these learning centers and activities help us meet the goals and objectives we have set for all children enrolled in our program. 

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