"Work and Play School is a model early childhood program for children and teachers."

Goals & Objectives

Our primary goal is to provide a quality Day Care/Pre-School program for children three to five years of age, as well as before and after school and school vacation care for children six to twelve years of age. 






To achieve these goals our program consists of creative arts, language arts, math readiness, dramatic play, aerobic exercise, creative movement, music, story time, nature study and free-choice activity time. A large selection of manipulative toys, puzzles, and beads are utilized to develop fine motor coordination. An outside play program with a variety of outdoor play equipment, which emphasizes large motor development, is also provided. 

The large, fenced-in, unique wooded playground which surrounds the school, allows the children to freely enjoy nature. 

Our goals & objectives are:

  • To provide a safe environment where children feel comfortable and secure.
  • To enhance self-help, gross motor and fine motor skills.
  • To provide a quality program that encourages academic and creative development.
  • To help each child develop his/her own identity and foster self-esteem.
  • To instill social values of cooperation, courtesy, respect for themselves and others.
  • To encourage development of self-reliance.
  • To help children demonstrate pride in accomplishments, encourage a positive self-image and promote creativity through play, music, movement, art and drama.
  • To foster initiative and decision making by offering choices within structured and free play times.
  • To encourage language development and listening skills through group times, story and song.
  • To create a learning environment, whole language approach, where words and print are valued.
  • To encourage daily parent and family communication and involvement.
  • Providing parent educational classes, programs and materials.
  • To promote multicultural and an anti-bias curriculum in our every day program. 


Work & Play School - 20 Phelps Road - East Windsor, CT - 06088 - (860) 627-0331